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Download Ashampoo Video Optimizer 2021 Free

Download Ashampoo Video Optimizer 2021 Free

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  • Full program nameAshampoo Video Optimizer Pro
  • Size File100 Mb
  • versionv2.0.1
  • Licenseactivated
  • Developerashampoo
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  • Author / Product:Ashampoo




Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro Free Download Latest Version. It is full offline installer standalone setup of Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro.

Free download Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro 2.0.1 full version standalone offline installer for Windows PC,

Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro is a tool designed to help you improve the quality of your videos. To be more precise, the app allows you to correct various mishaps due to different external factors but also lets you add effects, text, watermarks and ameliorate the overall colors and contrast for a more powerful effect. The application comes with a two tabs interface, namely a quick one where you can batch process videos you shot under the same conditions and an advanced tab, where you can edit each parameter thoroughly The Quick View tab displays a list with all the parameters for each file added, but you can select the settings or effects to be added or corrected for each clip. In the eventuality that you are preparing a video for upload, then perhaps it may be better to edit it in the Advanced View tab. As you probably hinted, this tab permits you to make more fine-tuned adjustments and edit exposure, shadows, highlights, RGB and similar settings in a more professional manner.

Ashampoo® Video Optimizer Pro 2, the amazing video production program!

The program includes everything you need to create a professional video quite easily and without any previous experience.

The program contains professional utilities like stabilizing shaky videos

Improve color and contrast, and add effects and transitions to your shots with the click of a button.

Digital noise caused by unfavorable lighting or the dreaded flickering is also fixed.

Create stunning videos with slow-motion or time-lapse effects, and full scanning of lens distortions,

You can also add text, images or logos to individual scenes and add extra polish to your videos.

The program also allows you to use 20 presets that combine filters, effects and color settings.

Video editing can be a frustrating experience with loads of fidgety fine-tuning–unless you’re using Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro! This powerful movie editor brings out the best in your shots, fully automatically and with batch-processing support!
Stabilize shaky videos, optimize colors and contrasts, and sharpen your footage at the click of a button. Digital noise caused by unfavorable lighting or the dreaded flickering is also easily fixed. Create stunning videos with slow-mo or time-lapse effects and say goodbye to lens distortions, Add texts and images to add subtext to individual scenes, and add additional polish to your videos with 20 presets that combine filters, effects, and color settings. The well-laid-out video editor section lets you cut, rotate, and merge individual clips with incredible ease, no previous knowledge required!
Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro is as multi-faceted as the needs of its users. Quick Mode is perfect to fix any number of videos quickly. Stabilize, sharpen, and denoise your shots in just a few clicks. Use the numerous other functions and effects to instantly enhance the quality of your videos with smart auto-features!
Extended Mode is your creative playground and home for perfectionists with a need for maximum control and manual fine-tuning. With large previews and ample customization options, this mode offers the perfect environment to cut your footage into separate sections and optimize and adjust each of them individually. You can also easily exclude sections from exports to remove entire scenes from your movie.

Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro 2 is a versatile video editor that enhances picture quality. Videos are optimized in terms of contrast, color, and white balance for better visuals and sharper contours. Shaky footage is stabilized through powerful algorithms. By sharpening and denoising shots, even sub-par video material becomes useful again. Even unfavorable lighting and flickering gets fixed. Built-in batch processing allows you to edit multiple videos simultaneously. Lens distortions, like the dreaded fisheye, are effectively removed with Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro 2. The program comes with presets for all popular camera models with the ability to create your own. Videos are playable at various speeds, including slowmo and timelapse options. Video and filter effects, like the popular tilt-shift effect, add additional value to your recordings. Texts and watermarks are freely placeable and support custom display durations. Clips can be effortlessly cut, tilted, and rotated in the editor or even merged into single videos. Version 2 features significant speed improvements, especially when used with NVIDIA GPUs. 20 new presets that combine effects with tonal values make for fascinating new visuals. Rotating and cutting clips is now easier, thanks to a new details view, and corners can now be rounded for a more harmonious viewing experience. A thumbnail view now helps with video navigation and watermarks and texts are now freely positionable. Action Cam users in particular will appreciate the new H.265 hardware encoding support.

ashampoo video optimizer pro crack video optimizer pro is the effective



Nifty slow motion and time lapse effects for breath-taking results

Perfect exposure and contrast settings even for unlucky shots

Stunning effects like tilt-shift for a more personal touch

Noise reduction and DE flickering for clear and crisp videos

Rotate and edit videos with incredible ease through built-in editor

20 brilliant presents for stunning color patterns

Enhance colors and contrasts and make your videos shine

Stabilize shaky footage automatically

Denoise and deflicker your videos

Cut, rotate, and resize your videos

Work with slowmo and time-lapse effects

No more fisheye and lens distortions

Numerous formats, metadata editor, and super-fast encoding

Remove lens distortions

And many more!


System Requirements


Operating System: Windows 7 / 8 / 10
Ram: 1 Gb
Hard Disk: 100 Mb
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