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Download Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2022 Free

Download Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2022 Free

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  • Full program nameAshampoo WinOptimizer
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  • versionv25.00.14
  • Licenseactivated
  • Developerashampoo
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Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2022 Free Download Latest Version. It is full offline installer standalone setup of Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2022.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2022 is a handy and effective application which can be used to optimize your computer and its operating system by security, clearing and tweaking its performance level. It is a highly reliable and powerful PC optimizer that allows you to clean all the temporary files, memory dumps, unwanted data, privacy traces as well as invalid registers which is one of the prominent reasons for slowing a computer. It is a complete and full-featured suite which has all the tools that cover all tasks around maintenance, tweaking, system analysis, performance boots and file processing. It is an efficient tool which cleans your disks and keeps your machine running at constant speed with enhanced PC’s performance. The program is highly secure as well and allows you to manage the rights for each user on your system, preventing unauthorized access, unwanted actions and considerably reducing the risks of data leaks Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2022 is an excellent application which provides advanced and powerful functions to deeply scan and search for unwanted files and applications and give you the option to remove them or retain them. It’s not only a cleaner but also provides system maintenance, performance or customization utilities.It provides smart analytical capabilities that include not only disk space usage but also system and hard disk benchmarks to determine system, processor and HDD performance. It enables you to even remove files from the Recycle Bin. It also offers different modes for desired taste such as Game Booster for gamers, Auto Cleaner for removing any unnecessary files and folders to save space and speed up the applications. It also gives you the possibility to customize Windows environments such as hidden settings with tweak modules and improve privacy with Antispy.  It also prevents applications and windows services from analyzing your computer behavior and sending data to their developers over the Internet. It also includes a benchmark utility for your hard drives and offers a set of cleaning features that can also be used on multi-user systems. This wonderful application includes a powerful file wiper that will help you safely erase all your sensitive data from your computer. For this purpose, it uses powerful algorithms that will make the deleted data impossible to recover, ensuring maximum protection for your files. However, you can also use this tool to restore your files which were deleted accidentally.
Ashampoo WinOptimizer is a powerful system optimization tool that cleans your disks and keeps your machine running at a constant speed. It also protects your privacy and allows you to customize Windows individually. Apart from 3 different cleaning modules, the application offers about 38 tools that cover all tasks around maintenance, tweaking, system analysis, performance boosts, and file processing (encrypt, split).
Ashampoo WinOptimizer is the best choice to clean, optimize, and protect your PC. It frees disk space, fixes errors, and ensures steady performance. It tackles the shortcomings of Windows and provides you with a faster, cleaner, and leaner system. Numerous auto-features make setting it up a matter of just a few clicks, no prior knowledge required!

Windows is good–but it could be better! WinOptimizer takes care of that! Operating systems tend to slow down over time, suffer from errors, and become cluttered with junk files. In many cases, essential settings are either missing or buried deep in the system. And then there’s the privacy threat, as especially Windows 10 loves to phone home.

Features and Highlights

1-click optimization
It is so popular because it takes care of several issues at once. Three powerful modules spring into action to clean your system in-depth. Internet Cleaner eliminates web browsing traces that not only occupy space but also compromise your privacy and security. Drive Cleaner deletes redundant files to reclaim disk space and Registry Cleaner removes invalid Registry entries for improved performance and to avoid system errors. All it takes is a single click from you!

Reveal hidden data streams with ADS Scanner
Have you heard of alternate data streams? This feature allows programs to attach hidden information to the files as they appear in Windows Explorer, e.g. to determine whether a file was downloaded or is part of the system. Unfortunately, this feature can also be abused to attach malware to your files. ADS Scanner detects and lists alternate data streams to help you locate and remove dubious entries!

You decide what Microsoft learns about you!
Ever since Windows 10 was released, many users have felt uneasy about non-consensual data sharing. The new Win10 Privacy Control module gives you back control over your Windows machine! Finally, you get to decide whether your computer will share passwords, telemetry data, or photos with Microsoft – or keep them to itself! Should your apps be automatically updated or even gain access to your messages and calendar appointments? It’s your system and now, you have a choice – with Ashampoo WinOptimizer!

Customize your system to your needs!
Many Windows settings are hidden or hard to reach without additional tools. It provides instant access so your system can look and feel in a way most suitable to you. Whether it’s visual modifications with the help of the Tweaking module, added security through AntiSpy, or a perfectly optimized Internet connection, anything’s possible! And if you disagree with a modification – simply reverse it through the built-in Backup feature.

Your entire system at a glance
It allows you to see what is really going on on your PC. Should the health parameters of your hard disks change, you will instantly be notified before worse things can happen. If you always wanted to know the amount of memory consumed by your files, what hardware components make up your PC, or which processes are running in the background here’s your chance!

Full performance through smart tuning
Many features in Win Optimizer will provide a massive speed boost to your system. Remove unwanted programs from your Windows Autostart, optimize the Windows Registry, and disable unnecessary processes – all with just a few clicks.

Finally more disk space
As time passes, your system will inevitably be cluttered with no longer needed files and data. This is particularly annoying on machines with limited disk space. It cleans your machine thoroughly and safety – and removes gigabytes of data junk in the process. Whether you rely on the integrated 1-click optimization, single modules, or the new AutoClean – you’ll have more space for your data!

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 25 makes Windows PCs faster, cleaner, and more discreet. The extensive system analysis provides numerous options to optimize and clean your operating system right from the start page. The built-in cleaner modules have now become genuine classics and rid your machine of even more Web browsing traces, temporary files and leftover files from software uninstallations. Auto-Clean, Live-Tuner and Game-Booster ensure your system stays clean, programs launch faster and games run smoothly. The System Information module gives you a full insight into your PC’s hard and software and helps you track down hidden resource hogs on your hard disks. For a more condensed but always up-to-date overview, WinOptimizer comes with data-rich dashboards that also act as quick shortcuts to essential modules. The tweaking module allows for individual Windows customization and will surely please PC tuning fans. Browser Extension Manager has even better detection and lists each and everyone of your browser add-ons and extensions, including hidden, and often malicious ones. Version 25 comes with Boot Center, that analyzes and speed up system startup times by optimizing autorun entries and Windows task schedules. And the new Privacy Manager is the ultimate privacy guard that completely disables controversial Windows telemetry features. We’ve also overhauled the popular 1-Click Optimizer to help you get rid of even more junk files, Web browsing traces and invalid or orphaned Registry entries.Enter WinOptimizer 19, which is Ashampoo®’s powerful PC automatic cleaning and adjustment solution. Because the operating system tends to slow down, become unstable and chaotic. Important settings are often lost or buried deep in the system. Then there are privacy threats, especially since Windows has strengthened Windows’ telemetry activities, collecting more information about you and your loved ones than ever before. WinOptimizer 19 prevents this situation, fast, simple and effective! Take your PC back to its original shape and give it a brand new look. Let WinOptimizer clean, optimize and protect your machine, and enjoy a fast, streamlined and safe Windows PC with complete privacy forever!

Free Download Ashampoo WinOptimizer full version for Windows PC it cleans, protects and optimizes your PC as no other program can. Gain new disk space, disable unwanted services and boost your PC performance to the max! Protect your privacy and customize Windows to your needs. Enjoy the steady performance and a lean, secure system!

Robust early warning system against system failure Start page with eight optimization tools Handy task scheduler for maintenance and optimization More than 30 modules for the perfect Windows system Enhanced Uninstall Manager with additional details Brand new cleaner modules Two program skins available Full secure boot support ADS Scanner for hidden data streams

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is a very comprehensive PC cleanup, maintenance and optimisation suite.

If you’re short of hard drive space, for example, the program can remove leftover Windows and application files, surplus browser traces (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari), unnecessary duplicate files and broken shortcuts. A “Disk Space Explorer” helps you find other space-hogging folders, and the program can even defrag the drive when it’s done to ensure you’re getting the best possible performance.

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Dashboards for always up-to-date data and instant feature access

Brand new Defrag without noticeable performance drain

Merge free disk space with Defrag

Extensive drive analysis and hardware review with Defrag

Handy benchmark center for better clarity and faster test access

Enhanced system details view with optimized hardware detection

All cleaners up-to-date

Full Microsoft Edge Chromium support

New Internet Cleaner algorithm for improved detection of browsing traces

Enhanced Browser Extension Manager

More details on installed hardware during system analyses

Faster module startup times

Detailed analysis logs


System Requirements


Operating System: Windows 7 / 8 / 10
Ram: 1 Gb
Hard Disk: 50 Mb
Free Download



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