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Download Ulead GIF Animator 2022 Free

Download Ulead GIF Animator 2022 Free

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  • Full program nameUlead GIF Animator
  • Size File25 Mb
  • versionv5.0.5
  • Licenseactivated
  • Developerccm
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Ulead GIF Animator Free Download Latest Version for Windows. It is full offline installer standalone setup of Ulead GIF Animator.

Ulead GIF Animator is a useful application through which users can easily create animated GIFs with different images and add the GIF’s to their presentations or different other projects to welcome the users. It has a wide range of animations included to create stylish and exceptional animations. Users are also offered with numbers of effects, or users can also add video and audio effects, transitions making it more flexibleUlead GIF Animator is packed with a wide range of features and tools such as creating GIF was never this easy before. It also supports a wide range of exporting file formats such as FLash, AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, and more. The installation is pretty seamless and straightforward with a modern intuitive simple tab-based interface. The application also guides users with the Animation Wizard where users can create the GIF with the wizard without missing any Design your own animated GIF images with Ulead GIF Animator and customize your website. Download Ulead GIF Animator and create your own animationsstep. Through the application, users can easily personalize self-playing animation greetings.
When it comes to customizing a website, it always comes in handy to include at least one or two animated GIF images, especially if we have 
created them ourselves. To be able to create these animations we can use Ulead GIF Animator
Create GIFs from a very comfortable interface
This software uses a very clear drawing interface that consists of:A central area for the images.A top and side menu that include all the tools to modify each of the images.A right bar that will always show all the objects that are part of the images.And a bottom bar with all the different frames in order.At all times we’ll have the possibility to access the “preview” tab in the central area of the interface to be able to preview the result of our work, and thus know if it’s final quality is good or on the other hand, it needs some kind of enhancement, especially during the transitions from one image to another.So, if you want an application that will allow you to create animations in an easy and intuitive way, download and try out Ulead GIF Animator.Create custom animated GIFs for websites and PowerPoint presentations by uploading images or video clips and automatically generating the animation with configurable size…
Ulead Gif Animator is a software program that was developed to allow ease of access to creating GIF files in one application. These GIFs can be implemented almost anywhere you need it to, from a Powerpoint to your developing website. It comes with a suite of tools that can be used for making the perfect GIF for your technological needs.The Ulead GIF Animator application is excellent for developing animators and also inexperienced people who need a moving visual representation. This app allows your edit a pre-existing GIF or start from scratch for customization. The software comes complete with a suite of tools that are essential to GIF making and animation. It separates your GIF frame by frame, allowing the user to see precisely what the GIF is showing at every
last, excellent detail.
Designed by Ulead, the Gif Animator enables you to create GIF files in a few simple steps.The interface of the program is plain and simple. First-time users can check out some online tutorials and get started by initiating the animation wizard.So, the first step is to set the canvas size for the new animation (you can select from templates or build an animation from scratch).Now you can add images and video files from your local hard drive, after which you can input the delay time and frame rate.In the workspace you can access three windows – “Edit”, “Optimize” and “Preview”. So, you can use a color palette (in the “Optimize” tab) and create a gradient between two colors.In addition, you can export image frames or animations (as video or executable file), create an HTML or SWF file, remove objects and frames, preview animations (in Internet Explorer), as well as use the “Object Manager Panel” to edit an object’s transparency.Furthermore, you can duplicate objects and frames, change the attributes of an object at a global level, merge images, tween frames, insert a secondary animation in the current one, add special effects (banner text, neon banner, video transitions, filter effects, plugin filters), and more.The Ulead Gif Animator takes up a low amount of system resources, comes with a thorough help file (although it could had been improved with tutorials and more snapshots) and didn’t freeze or crash during our tests. We strongly recommend this software to all designers, whether they are experienced or not.

Now you can create animated GIFs, or a fast loading animation for your Web site or Power Point Presentations in any format at a low price and in an easy way. This ultimate program halves the time required for creating an animation, with its simple drag-and-drop object editing, round-trip auto-update from external image editors, and even more features. The Animation Wizard will walk you swiftly through the creation process of an animation sequence. It even allows to add a video or any other animation as a separate frame object or image, text, animated text, etc. You canalso use the frame Panel with the filmstrip view for easy creation of an object’s animation.

free download ulead gif animator ulead gif animator windows




Easily create animated GIFs with flexibility.

Packed with a wide range of effects and filters.

Personalize the GIF as per requirement.

Export in a wide range of supported formats.

Modern intuitive tab-based interface.

Also guides users with Animation wizard.

System Requirements


Operating System: Windows 7 / 8 / 10
Ram: 1 Gb
Hard Disk: 50 Mb

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