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Download Windows Vista 2014 Version For Free

Download Windows Vista 2014 Version For Free

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  • Full program nameWindows Vista Home Premium
  • Size File3.10 Gb
  • versionv7th Oct 2014
  • Licenseactivated
  • Developermicrosoft
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  • Author / Product:Microsoft



Windows Vista is a major release of the software giant Microsoft. In order to support the 64 bit platforms of Intel Core 2, Intel Xeon and AMD Athelon 64 Microsoft came up with 64 bit editions of all the versions Windows Vista has a redesigned interface which is very catchy and has a fresh look that will surely inspire you The pleasing looks of Windows Vista includes the transparent effects and animations There has also been major changes in start menu and other tasks One of the main reason of using Windows Vista 64 Bit is that it has a great emphasis on security which is no doubt the first priority of any user. It has an improved security functions than its 32 bit counterpart. Kernel code Protection is another Windows Vista 64 Bit feature which is also known as Gaurd. This feature will prevent the malicious software code with Windows Vista Kernel. windows vista windows vista release date windows vista download windows vista background windows vista wallpaper windows vista factory reset windows vista home premium windows vista logo windows vista to windows 10 windows vista games windows vista end of life windows vista activation key windows vista aero windows vista activation crack windows vista administrator password windows vista activation windows vista aesthetic windows vista animation windows vista aero requirements windows vista all updates windows vista administrator account disabled antivirus windows vista anydesk windows vista activate windows vista adobe reader windows vista avast windows vista actualizar windows vista a windows 10 administrator password windows vista archive.org windows vista about windows vista windows vista download bit microsoft free iso install version file service pack software system ultimate may downloads sp dvd will operating xp apr versions home upgrade click jul pc latest get update support jan files safe help driver image select computer dec digital users mar media used direct advisor choose language official gb exe wim os premium installer please new re use one create security top page center key requirements microsoft’s oct upgrading installing starter complete protection mac now problem opera tools tool programs requires games systems office game available movies collection us mb explorer via tested bootable internet online downloaded theme date standalone gives original product antivirus device since launch full browser 
Redesigned and catchy interface.
Includes transparent effects and animations.
Major changes in start menu.
Great emphasis on security.
Kernel Code Protection included.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7 / 8 / 10
Ram: 1 Gb
Hard Disk: 10 Gb
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